BPO uses the latest call center solutions to offer our customers a secure, transparent and modern service

A system that handles calls, e-mail, webchats and social networks.

Detailed reports (online and offline)

Customisable dial modes (predictive, power, click to dial)

API integration possibilities

Access to calls online

Tailored system for the unique needs of the campaign

A project management tool for efficient management of projects and work tasks as well as campaigns financial reports.

Project management administration

Accurate billing system

Effective time management

Data security

Client relationship management

A solution to improve employee engagement, motivation and communication.

Improvement of the collective well-being

Employee satisfaction monitoring


Convenient communication tool

Management of motivational campaigns

A Transparent, easy-to-use system for evaluating calls and analysing results

In-depth analysis of call reports at the agent, project and company levels

Unified quality control mechanism

Immediate feedback on call analysis

Call calibration possibilities

Automatic training possibilities

Analysing the emotional experience of sales calls using computer vision, biometrics, deep learning and other data.

Automatic as well as manual audio recording analysis

Sales script testing

Development of agent’s communication skills

Intuitive quality management

Transparent project KPI data

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